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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a reading?  

A reading session consists of spiritual information, predictions and explanations of life conditions such as love, money, luck, career direction, legal, family and health issues.

2.  What is a healing?  

Through breathing, color and words, I take you through a meditative journey to assist in creating peace within while removing blocks and obstacles lodged in the cellular structure of the body where memory is held.

3.  What is channeling?  

This is the ability to connect with a loved on who has crossed over to the other side.

Through spiritual communcication, comfort and closure is given via the messages from the loved one using me as the vehicle to relay those messages.

4.  How accurate am I?  

I have about a 90% accuracy rate if not higher.  I do not believe anyone is 100% accurate but my timing of event usually occur.

5.  How far out do you read?

I am a now reader.  Much of what I say or predict occurs within 3 months or less.  I have been know to predict an event that comes in sooner than later.  That’s the fun part.

6.  I do not advise anyone to live by predictions alone as the universe has its plan and people have free will.

7.  I work with integrity and dedication to my work.   I am a true psychic having had 3 near death experiences and take my work seriously.

8.  Do you give seminars?  

Yes, and when people wish to book me, we can arrange that and create the event.

9.  What is your refund policy?  

There is a 24 hour cancellation fee for administrative costs and all fairness for my calendar and preparation of the session, just like any other professional.

10.  How long have you been psychic?  

I became psychic when I survived a plane crash in 1981.

11.  Is everyone psychic?  

No, I believe we have intuition but psychic abilities are more rare than you may think.

12.  What if I do not like my reading?

I have never refunded due to the lack of liking the reading.  If you have a problem, communicate and let’s see what we can arrive at.  I am a metaphysician which is combining esoteric and Jungian psychology together with psychic abilities.

13.  What are psychic abilities?  

There are clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), clairsensience  (feeling) for different aspects of the readings.

14.  Do you use tarot cards?  

Once in awhile I will refer to the cards to confirm a difficult situation.

15.  Psychic readings, although a legitimate practice, science and healing art is for entertainment purposes only.

16.  Why did you develop Wicks of Wisdom?  

I wanted to assist people further than just with answers to their questions.  I developed a candle line to help people participate in their spiritual evolution on their journey.