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January 2011


Money & Success Power Works!

As predicted, my loan modification was approved without having to file for bankruptcy just days before my home was to be foreclosed upon and auctioned off. After burning the Money & Success Power candles, I received a small inheritance from

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Call her!

Linda has never been wrong about anything. She is so on target, and I never have to ask much. It’s like she is in HIS head, too!! Call her! Posted By: Jeannie New York

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Crazy Accuracy!

CRAZY ACCURACY! You have to call Linda. She is astounding. I am a FAN for life! You will be too. Trust yourself, not negative thinkers and feedback! Posted By: Jeanne

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Linda, you are REALLY amazing!!!

Linda NAILED the two guys I called about. I have never talked to anyone on Keen who is SO detail and accurate! Wow! I will DEFINITELY call again! Linda, you are REALLY amazing!!! -Amy Posted By: Amy

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Super Accurate & Positive Guidance!

4 OF LINDA’S RECENT PREDICTIONS FOR ME HAPPENED WITHIN THE LAST WEEK!!!!!! Linda told me that I would spend Valentines Day with my Man, which seemed impossible at the time since we hadn’t spoken in days! SHE WAS RIGHT!!! WE

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Thanks for your constant advice!

Ooh, you were really right on about the current state of affairs IN THIS MINUTE, not just large trends. Got confirmation you had seen things right later that day. Events and timing have been unfolding re: the other people in

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