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November 2017


I’m a Believer!

Talk radio veteran and psychic Dr. Linda Salvin caught up with Monkee, musician and radio talent Micky Dolenz at his recent show at the Canyon Club in Agoura, CA. Read More about it

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This is it!

These candles are AMAZING!! Been a client for years!! If you need that extra push for something , this is it!!!❤️ – Doreen M.

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Thank you so much Linda!!!!

I loved the “GOOD LUCK” candles! So many positive things have happened to me since lighting those candles. Major career opportunities: 5 national tours, getting my SAG card and working on film sets, and meeting my husband and moving to

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Linda is ALWAYS right!

Linda is great! Very spot on with career and romantic predictions. She saw me being offered my old job back with a raise and I thought she was nuts – but she was RIGHT! Linda is ALWAYS right! – Sheri

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Ms. Linda is real!

Two weeks ago Linda predicted I would go on my girls trip. I told her no..don’t think so don’t have a sitter..She kept saying I see you on a plane going..and guess what at last minute my parents baby sit

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My “Go To”

Linda has been my to go for the longest time. Not only is she amazingly gifted, but so real! She will tell you the truth and how it is. IF you don’t believe her. . . wait a few weeks

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“when Linda knows, she knows!”

I’ll admit that there have been psychics who I would call incessantly to get updates on my life. It was expensive, obsessive and did not allow time for predictions and guidance to be realized. I have not done this with

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