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August 2022


Dr Linda is Amazing !

Dr. Linda is so professional! I was blown away at how she knew all of the things I had been thinking . For example, I have always had a robust desire to get into real estate and open a clothing

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Good Luck & Health Healed My Addiction

My journey with Linda’s health candles have been amazing. During the summer of 2021 I relapsed into my addiction to cannabis. I finally decided I needed something to help me quit and let go of the addictive tendencies, so I

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Never in my life have i had a reading like this. when you imagine the “real deal” Linda is it. Natural flow of conversation and her energy is extremely kind, enthusiastic and even a little eager. I can feel she

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The Healing Works!

I had a healing with you, Dr. Linda, to help me with some issues from my past. It was easy and comfortable as I was laying down. After 3 days I called you to tell you I was feeling better.

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She’s my “GO TO”

I’m in a “complicated” situation to say the least…&2 months ago I cut it off out of fear but suffered with the decision and Linda has been guiding me for months with this, I was worried he would never come

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