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I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda Salvin for over twelve (12) years.  In that time, you have been SO HELPFUL in guiding me through my life, my career and most of all in 2016 dealing with my lungs and currently with my new health challenges.   I am having a very difficult time dealing with Western Medicine and all the stuff that is thrown at me.  You have been right there for me in all ways:  foretelling future events, having your amazing candles and your words of wisdom to help me process all.

You have been right on every count with timing, changing feelings, and actions, circumstances, events. I SOO APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for being such a marvelous, sometimes stern at the time I need it most, more often uplifting and cheerleading support towards ME and family.  ALWAYS having my best interests in mind! I am so BLESSED to have you in my life as a dear and valuable friend; as well as, your amazing and powerful spiritual guidance. 

PERLA MOUSER, your friend and client August 19, 2020


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