Linda Salvin


Linda is a beautiful soul

I was first read by Linda over 20 years ago. I have had several readings over the years and Linda has always directed me the right way. The reading 20 years ago came true in 2016. I was living in

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5 years of guidance!

I have been speaking with Linda for a long time now I want to say at least 5 years I want to say she not only is she my advisor I consider my friend. I can absolutely express to her

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Guiding Light

Linda has been my rock for a very long time.  During a very hard time in 2017.  Linda advised that I will be safe and not in trouble. She stayed with me during this time on the phone and on

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I am using the Health & Wellness Candles for sometime now. Each time I am faced with a health challenge I keep the candles burning for several weeks. Then miraculously the right advisors start to appear in my life, hard

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SHR # 2699 :: To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate

taken from: Show Notes: To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate [5:33] Dr. Salvin’s background. She is not a virologist, chemist, or MD. Considered working for CDC when she graduated. [8:00] Censorship. [19:58] We do not have enough data on

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