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Candle and New Job!

Hi Linda,
I bought your Path Power and Money & Success Power Wicks of Wisdom a few
months back. Let me tell you, I was hearing about money everywhere I
turned. The candles had their own rhythm and it was great.

I have been working in retail for various reasons. I spoke with Linda
about my desires to further my career path in retail because I felt like
I was missing something.

I applied for a management position but instead ended up becoming
manager of a halfway house for sober women. I used to be a counselor but
had relapsed and gave up the hope of returning to helping people.

I went back to Linda to gain further insight into this new development.
I gained a lot of clarity on where my heart was and why it was that way.
Dr. Linda helped understand what was going on with the new

I find Linda to be very honest, loving and fun. She has a very light
hearted spirit which is why I find her so amazing. She definitely gets
me laughing again when I come to her with my boo-hoos.

And, I am pleased with the doors that have begun to open for me through
the candles and the continued psychic consultations.
Thanks, again, Linda.
Felicity Palma

– Felicity Palma

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