Candles and Healing Worked Wonders!

Hi Linda:
I hope you are having a great week! Here is my testimonial – feel free to use on your website 🙂🙂

I am so grateful to have found Linda. I worked with her in 2019 by ordering a candle set that I burned on my own – within the year, our situation changed substantially for the better! In 2020, I sought her out again, this time knowing the power of her work. I did a personal healing session and ordered several candle sets, that she burned for me. By working with me on the candle sets, she was able to identify challenges and better set the follow-on candles and positive changes are rolling in. The personal healing session was just phenomenal – just as she said, within a few days of our session, I could feel the lightness of being that I had asked for – I and my family had one of the best weeks of our lives together following that session. My improved disposition continues despite normal life proceeding as expected during this crazy time in our world. I don’t think years of therapy could be as effective 🙂 Thank you, Linda for sharing your gifts with the world.

Lisa O

– Lisa O.

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