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Candles Rule

They do, Linda! Yesterday I took Hy home to Albany. He is supposed to be at Sloan-Kettering for 3 weeks after the bone marrow transplant. But the doc said “I don’t see any cancer, and if you’re cancer-free, go home, start your recovery, and get on with your life.” WOW!! He left after 12 days! The transplant was a complete success, and he’s cancer free!! He’s not out of the woods yet – he has no immune system since it was destroyed by the radiation & chemo. His wife now refers to him as “Bubble Boy” since that’s the life he’ll be living at home for the next 2 months. We all know what’s important now, so that’s fine. Thank you for creating the environment for his recovery. Really, Linda, it’s a miracle. I thought of you a lot on Sunday when Hy called and said I’m going home tomorrow. And I thought of you a lot on Monday during the ordeal of going to NY, packing him up, loading the car, driving Bubble Boy to Albany (about 3 hours) and then driving back home again. (I drove all night; and felt great the whole way!) Debbie and I thank you. Really. Only YOU know your role in this, and it’s significant. Funny footnote – I know Hy from my high school swim team. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that Debbie & Hy were brother/sister. More later – Thanks!!!

David B.

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