I first came across Dr. Linda Salvin around 2008 when I was going through a break up with my girlfriend. I had never spoken to a psychic before, but I was in a bad shape from heartbreak and depression and decided “what the heaven”, and Google psychics. (Linda was the first one that came up) I was staggered at how well Linda was hitting the nail on the head during our phone sessions.

A few years later, I got into a rough situation financially and thought I’d give the candles a try. I was flabbergasted how well they worked, so when I recently got into some legal trouble, and had almost all the cards stacked against me, Linda advised me on how many to burn and what to write on my petition for burning the wicks, and BOOM. Not only did it go the way I was praying for, but it went even better as to where my lawyer pointed out two things that the prosecutor and judge don’t normally go as far to, but in my case to the surprise of my lawyers and me, went beyond previous resolutions.

There are just too many things that lined up after the candles to simply brush off as coincidence now, and I am now a forever believer and user for all things career wise and legal.

They. Work.

– John D.

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