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I’m Bored, COVID19

  As a Doctor of Metaphysics with a very diagnostic yet spiritual, psychic and healing ability, I have been an integrative metaphysical clinician for over 25 years.  People call me for advice, direction, predictions, hope, faith, courage, enlightenment and love. 

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To Vac or Not Vac

Most everyone I know is jumping on the bandwagon to get their Covid19 vaccines.  A year ago, I was questioning what we were about to experience.  The past year of lockdown, a term I learned when I worked in a

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Spirituality is the universal knowing of energy, being in sync with the flow of events, getting in touch with nature, the galaxy, a friend or family member.  Most of us are so busy studying, working or creating something we forget

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Does Your Dream Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Many people write or call me about their dreams, seeking the spiritual meaning of those. One dream that seems to recur with many of us pertains to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Many people continue to have dreams of ex-boyfriends and

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Finding Purpose in Your Life Journey

I cannot tell you how frequently I am asked about the purpose of one’s life journey. We all have one primary purpose here on earth, and that is to love…ourselves, others, nature, the planet.  When seeking the answer for your

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Let Spiritual Insights Guide Your Destiny

Much like the life purpose, we each have our destiny to fulfill. Your spiritual insights and passions will guide you to achieve fulfillment. Whether it is being a teacher, doctor, engineer, artist, or just a good friend, child, partner, or

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