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What a Gem!

Dr Linda is amazing ! I cannot express enough how she has dedicated her life to helping others. She has compassion and empathy deeply rooted in fairness and seeing you be the BEST version of yourself. If you are in

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Candles Helped Save My Life!

Five months ago I wrote Dr. Linda thanking her for all she had done over the years but if she didn’t hear from me, it’s because I lost my battle to cancer; Dr. Linda and I have talked, as I

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Thankful and Blessed

My name  is Tony and I came in contact with Dr. Linda Salvin’s website for candles via my YouTube surfing approximately 10 years ago. Ever since that moment, I have consistently stayed in contact with her to purchase multiple candles

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Dr Linda is Amazing !

Dr. Linda is so professional! I was blown away at how she knew all of the things I had been thinking . For example, I have always had a robust desire to get into real estate and open a clothing

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Good Luck & Health Healed My Addiction

My journey with Linda’s health candles have been amazing. During the summer of 2021 I relapsed into my addiction to cannabis. I finally decided I needed something to help me quit and let go of the addictive tendencies, so I

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Never in my life have i had a reading like this. when you imagine the “real deal” Linda is it. Natural flow of conversation and her energy is extremely kind, enthusiastic and even a little eager. I can feel she

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The Healing Works!

I had a healing with you, Dr. Linda, to help me with some issues from my past. It was easy and comfortable as I was laying down. After 3 days I called you to tell you I was feeling better.

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She’s my “GO TO”

I’m in a “complicated” situation to say the least…&2 months ago I cut it off out of fear but suffered with the decision and Linda has been guiding me for months with this, I was worried he would never come

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Truth be told!

I am a multi decade client of Linda’s. She’s seen me through divorce, death, loss & unexpected sometimes devastating & scary/confusing changes, buying and selling real estate, relationship concerns of every kind (family, friends, business, romance). There’s very little I

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We had a reading back at the end of March, 2022 and you were absolutely right…of course. Jonathan had been so manic lately, that it begun to scare me and I didn’t want the children scared either. Long story short,

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