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Good Luck Power


5 Stars

Happy to report with this last set (Good Luck and Money and Success) I have received: 1. A new job with a long term contract, weekly income and the possibility of converting to FTE status; and, 2. Responsiveness from a

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What a Gem!

Dr Linda is amazing ! I cannot express enough how she has dedicated her life to helping others. She has compassion and empathy deeply rooted in fairness and seeing you be the BEST version of yourself. If you are in

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Candles Helped Save My Life!

Five months ago I wrote Dr. Linda thanking her for all she had done over the years but if she didn’t hear from me, it’s because I lost my battle to cancer; Dr. Linda and I have talked, as I

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Thankful and Blessed

My name  is Tony and I came in contact with Dr. Linda Salvin’s website for candles via my YouTube surfing approximately 10 years ago. Ever since that moment, I have consistently stayed in contact with her to purchase multiple candles

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Good Luck Candles Keep Working

Hi Dr Linda: I have an update to my testimonial. Last week I was informed that a transfer away from the two problem people that I have been focusing on in my petition is approved and will be official within

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Truth Be Told

Hello Good morning Dr. Salvin. My first set of Good Luck candles are complete. Two of the Good Luck candles were totally black & the glass broke on one. The Reversal set of candles are almost complete & the glass

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Linda is a God sent psychic!

Linda’s candles have changed my life positively and tremendously! I discovered Linda and Wicks of Wisdom during the COVID-19 lockdown, I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time and then I came across the Storm Monroe show episode

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Part 2… So yesterday was my final court appearance… It was sentencing day! I stayed positive but you know deep down it could go either way. But I kept held up in my thoughts the Wicks of Wisdom candle magic

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I have been using GOOD LUCK POWER to help gain clarity on issues regarding the selling my  of parent’s home. A house that has been vacant for more than 3 years now and is filled with 50 years worth of

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