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Money & Success Power


Who I was meant to be….

I want to thank you for welcoming and ushering me into WHO I AM AND MEANT TO BE. Let me be clear on Dr. Salvin’s work ethics to be simply out of this world amazing. I purchased the Wicks of

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Things Are Heating Up

Dr. Linda’s products are like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you get the consultation and follow the instructions, you will see results. I saw results after the first candle. By the third candle, I saw an increase in the buzz

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Money & Success Power Candles

Testimony for the candles — “When you burn Wicks of Wisdom— remaining unattached to the outcome is key — you will see things you haven’t seen, revealing a pathway forward in your life. Sometimes unexpectedly. Wisdom and guidance will be

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Candle and New Job!

Hi Linda, I bought your Path Power and Money & Success Power Wicks of Wisdom a few months back. Let me tell you, I was hearing about money everywhere I turned. The candles had their own rhythm and it was

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Dr. Linda is amazing!!!

Dr. Linda is amazing!!! Since burning the Good Luck and Money and Success Candles, I have discovered that I am being sent an additional large sum of money from a retirement plan. It’s like a gift from the Universe, so

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God bless you for helping us Linda!

My husband and I were having problems with our living situation and financial problems for a while and started getting worse. So I decided to tell my husband about Linda Salvin and her magic candles that I knew for a

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