From the Bottom of My Heart…

Hi Linda, I was reviewing a looooong list of readings with you starting in 2016…… And wanted to say THANK YOU! – from the bottom of my heart and with much love, respect and appreciation! You have really been so

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Truth Be Told

Hello Good morning Dr. Salvin. My first set of Good Luck candles are complete. Two of the Good Luck candles were totally black & the glass broke on one. The Reversal set of candles are almost complete & the glass

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Who I was meant to be….

I want to thank you for welcoming and ushering me into WHO I AM AND MEANT TO BE. Let me be clear on Dr. Salvin’s work ethics to be simply out of this world amazing. I purchased the Wicks of

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Linda is a God sent psychic!

Linda’s candles have changed my life positively and tremendously! I discovered Linda and Wicks of Wisdom during the COVID-19 lockdown, I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time and then I came across the Storm Monroe show episode

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She has never been wrong!

I have worked with psychic Linda Salvin for over ten years and she has never been wrong. Plenty of times she would tell me something and I would think she was crazy. Then, sure enough, it happened. Here are two

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The Real Deal Healer

Dr. Linda, Over the years I have been led astray by so many people claiming they are legit healers and intuitives, and I’ve only ended up with the same issues reappearing and less in my pocket. It has been a

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Part 2… So yesterday was my final court appearance… It was sentencing day! I stayed positive but you know deep down it could go either way. But I kept held up in my thoughts the Wicks of Wisdom candle magic

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