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Part 2… So yesterday was my final court appearance… It was sentencing day! I stayed positive but you know deep down it could go either way. But I kept held up in my thoughts the Wicks of Wisdom candle magic

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Things Are Heating Up

Dr. Linda’s products are like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you get the consultation and follow the instructions, you will see results. I saw results after the first candle. By the third candle, I saw an increase in the buzz

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Money & Success Power Candles

Testimony for the candles — “When you burn Wicks of Wisdom— remaining unattached to the outcome is key — you will see things you haven’t seen, revealing a pathway forward in your life. Sometimes unexpectedly. Wisdom and guidance will be

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda Salvin for over twelve (12) years.  In that time, you have been SO HELPFUL in guiding me through my life, my career and most of all in 2016 dealing with my lungs

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Candle and New Job!

Hi Linda, I bought your Path Power and Money & Success Power Wicks of Wisdom a few months back. Let me tell you, I was hearing about money everywhere I turned. The candles had their own rhythm and it was

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I have been using GOOD LUCK POWER to help gain clarity on issues regarding the selling my  of parent’s home. A house that has been vacant for more than 3 years now and is filled with 50 years worth of

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Linda Makuta, DDS

Dear Doctor Linda Salvin, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Strawberry Laser. Before the laser treatment, I had a very lumpy belly that I call a “mommy belly.” I had lipo as a young, 20-something, and

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Lee Harris, DDS

Want to loose inches around your belly without invasive procedures? Try Strawberry! Great results, no trauma, no lost time, and No Pain! + Thank you,Lee Harris, DDSLos Angeles, CA

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