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You gotta “see it” to believe it!

Like one should have a yearly medical check up, two weeks ago, I had my yearly reading with Linda. As always, she was able to confirm my hunches about a current relationship, give me insight into my career and even

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Simply Amazing!

In 2006, I traveled to Los Angeles to visit my friend. One day, we were driving around and heard Dr. Linda Salvin on the radio station giving readings. As we were listening to her radio program, my friend and I

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Linda is amazing!

Linda and I have been talking to each other for 13 years. Linda is amazing! Everything she has told me over the years have come true! I want to share some of this with you. I was selling my house

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Thank you, Dr. Linda.

After reading the book “The Return of Mikey” by Diane Bucci I contacted Dr. Linda for a reading because I was at a major crossroads in my life. I have an autistic son who was in a year long residential

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She’s the best!

I have known Linda for most of her journey. Just recently I was talking toher about a repair project at my home. I thought the project would cost the insurance company about x number of $. Linda kept telling me

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You do a wonderful job.

I had to tell you . . . my mother called me in a flutter the other day. She went to the doctor with problems with her arm. You said have them check her rotator cuff. Well guess what, it

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Thank you ever so kindly!!!

I am really blown away that you knew my eye color and especially that you hit on an issue that has been plaguing me about what direction I need to go in to make me truly happy not just satisfied.

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I’ll call back again, for sure!

If you’re reading this, wondering if you should call Linda or not, all I can say is DO IT. As a first time caller, I thought I knew what to expect, but her accuracy and intensity (for me) of the

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