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Let Spiritual Insights Guide Your Destiny

Image of a tree in a field at sunrise for Dr. Linda C. Salvin's post on destiny

Much like the life purpose, we each have our destiny to fulfill. Your spiritual insights and passions will guide you to achieve fulfillment. Whether it is being a teacher, doctor, engineer, artist, or just a good friend, child, partner, or animal lover, your love will lead you toward your destiny. Your destiny is what is in your soul. Follow your inner guide for passions, career choices, people, activities, and love. We are all here to learn lessons for love, patience, compassion, forgiveness, and success. No one can tell you what your personal destiny is except on a spiritual level.   

We each have our lessons to learn as we open our eyes to new opportunities and possibilities to fulfill ourselves. We need to seek our own truth and not be so heavily influenced by others.  Learn to follow your God source and your path will continue to open as destiny determines.  You have free will and the universe has its will. Try to follow that of the universe and the rewards will be multiplied with less frustration, upset, and anxiety.   

One purpose is to integrate our mind/body/spirit to eliminate confusion and fragmentation within ourselves. It is a process along the journey. We have choices to make in relationships, career, finances, personal affairs. Some things are beyond our control.   

Open your heart to faith and watch your life unfold. We walk the path en route of our destiny.  

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