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Linda Salvin Reviews

Linda salvin candle reviews
I was introduced to Dr. Linda by my Chiropractor. I had been seeing my Chiropractor for headaches & allergy elimination. My allergies were improving but my headaches persisted. My motivation, sleep, stress and health was at a stand still. I contacted Dr. Linda to see what she suggested I do. I have been using the candles to improve my motivation, insomnia, and health. The Path Power candles have helped me to get back to being motivated. The Health & Wellness has improved my headaches & I am sleeping much better now. I also have had a few Healing Sessions with Dr. Linda which I enjoy so much. I feel very hopeful in my life now. For years Medical doctors gave me pain medication which was worthless. I am going to keep using the candles as this has been the best treatment for my health. I was getting pretty hopeless and feel very blessed that I was introduced to Dr. Linda. Thank you, Dr. Linda
Terri Staub/Lake Tahoe, CA
Good Luck, Health, Path Power Candles and Healing Sessions
Hi Dr. Linda When I decided to order your candles. I was dealing with a supervisor who was basically ignoring me and my ideas and a co-worker who has brought nothing but drama and problems to my job on a daily basis. She lied on me, tried to set me up and sabotaged my work. I got the Good Luck candles to help remove the negativity and negative people and the Money and Success candles to assist with me getting over the obstacles at work so I could move up and hopefully get more money to help me work on my own business idea and become self employed. After about my second set of both types of candles I received a phone call from a friend who wanted me to know that her supervisor had told her he'd been watching me and he wanted to take it upon himself to make sure I was not overlooked because he felt I was not being appreciated and utilized as I should have been with in the organization. I was shocked because I had not spoken to him about how things were for me. A week or so later my current supervisor called and informed me that he wanted to elevate my position and give me a pay increase. He stated that he wanted to make it clear that I would not have to deal directly with the negative co-worker. I was shocked again because I did not ask for anything from my supervisor. Currently right now everything is still being discussed. I will continue to order both sets of candles. I can definitely see that things are moving in a much more positive direction for me and things are just happening without me doing much or even saying much. I'm very excited and thankful to you Dr. Linda for your help.
Staci of Georgia
I love Good Luck & Money & Success Power
Linda's candles have changed my life positively and tremendously! I discovered Linda and Wicks of wisdom during the COVID-19 lockdown, I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time and then I came across the Storm Monroe show episode where he discussed the Kardashians and how they got the show. I didn't completely believe in the spiritual world at the time but I decided to give Wicks of wisdom a try. After researching Linda and her story I was amazed and more compelled to give the candles a try. I ordered the Good luck power candles with hopes of turning my life around just before my first semester at Pace University after I got kicked out by family for other issues . At the time I was scared to do it because of prior beliefs and I was shy during the consultation but Linda was sweet about everything and happily assisted me in writing my petition. I petitioned for all the negativity regarding my studies be removed and slowly but surely my grades were always great with little effort on my part. Then I decided to order the health candles to help my grandmother who is suffering lupus. I currently still have the candles lit but she complains less and less about the pain and her mental clarity is being restored. These candles work and I'd like to thank Linda so much, the candles changed my life.
Jeremiah K
Good Luck Power
I have worked with psychic Linda Salvin for over ten years and she has never been wrong. Plenty of times she would tell me something and I would think she was crazy. Then, sure enough, it happened. Here are two examples: Linda told me my husband was having an affair with a woman who lived out of state, somewhere on the east coast, and had an unusual name beginning with the letter 'M'. It didn't make sense to me. My husband didn't travel and he didn't know anyone as far as I knew with an unusual name starting with 'M'. A month later I discovered my (now, ex) husband had hooked up with his old college girlfriend through Facebook. She lived in New York City. Her name (which I won't write because it really is unusual) does start with the letter 'M'. She traveled to see my husband to have their affair. The other example is a lawsuit I was involved in. Linda told me a year ago that the lawsuit would end in a tie but that I would be ok. I thought, how can a lawsuit end in a tie? Yet this month I discovered that, yes, the judge had found both parties equally at fault and it was a tie. I got my deposit back and got out of the lease clean but didn't get any damages. The landlord didn't get anything. By the wording of the judgement -- it was a tie. Linda has advised me on issues ranging from my love life to my professional life to my finances. She's never been wrong.
Dana Parsons, Mount Clemens, MI.
Hi Linda: I hope you are having a great week! Here is my testimonial - feel free to use on your website 🙂🙂 I am so grateful to have found Linda. I worked with her in 2019 by ordering a candle set that I burned on my own - within the year, our situation changed substantially for the better! In 2020, I sought her out again, this time knowing the power of her work. I did a personal healing session and ordered several candle sets, that she burned for me. By working with me on the candle sets, she was able to identify challenges and better set the follow-on candles and positive changes are rolling in. The personal healing session was just phenomenal - just as she said, within a few days of our session, I could feel the lightness of being that I had asked for - I and my family had one of the best weeks of our lives together following that session. My improved disposition continues despite normal life proceeding as expected during this crazy time in our world. I don't think years of therapy could be as effective 🙂 Thank you, Linda, for sharing your gifts with the world.
Lisa O
Money & Success Power

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