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Does Your Dream Have a Spiritual Meaning?

Image of a dream catcher for Dr. Linda Salvin's post on dreams

Many people write or call me about their dreams, seeking the spiritual meaning of those. One dream that seems to recur with many of us pertains to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Many people continue to have dreams of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.  Sometimes it can be of a recent break-up, and other times the dream will be of someone from our distant past, 20-30-40 years ago!  I understand the question very well. When we had a very deep emotional or spiritual connection with that person, and probably connected from a past life, the subconscious can bring these people into our dreams for many reasons.    

The emotions and spirit are still working through letting go, sometimes acknowledging the one and only true love of their life.  These dreams bring healing from the past, putting things into perspective in the now; oftentimes, the other person is thinking of you, and you two are spiritually connecting on a subliminal level. Many of you have expressed guilt from your dream as you are involved with someone now.  Please do not feel guilty over something you cannot control. We do not program our dream state 🙂 You may have been hurt or loved so deeply your soul still remembers. You are growing, and this is part of letting go to make room for enjoying more of your present.   

When we have those intense feelings, dreams, and sensations, we are definitely connecting with the other person. They feel and sense it as well. Some people are more understanding and accepting of it than others. It depends, of course, on a person’s awareness of the spiritual world. If the person you dream about astral travels and is aware that you are on their mind, then they, too, may be going through a bit of an emotional binge of happy and kind thoughts or memories. You are being advised not to reach out to them.  The subconscious and soul has met in spirit. Leave it at that for now. 

If you have questions about your dreams, please order an email reading or book a session for clarity. 

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