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Best Advice From a Spiritual Consultant: Faith & Prayer

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There is a saying that “faith without works is dead.”  As a spiritual consultant, I believe you can have all the faith in the world, but without action, things will not happen. 

We need to do our part in the process. However, faith, much like love, is needed to believe in, feel, move through life’s challenges, and overcome obstacles each of us are faced with.  Through prayer, which is communicating with your God, faith is increased as the belief, trust, and hope for something is tied into the prayer request. Even if we do not believe in a God, there is still a grander force making all of this in life possible. However, those that develop faith when in their darkest moments or keep the faith when things are going well can begin to see the universal hand I choose to call God that directs and leads us down the path of our journey, our destiny, and our purpose.  

Learning to pray is something we can each acquire; there are different methods for different religions and results. Prayer should be more about the wish and need vs. want, which can be greedy. It is okay to pray for oneself and not just that of others. It is the wording that makes the difference. Applying faith and prayer to your life will enhance your sensitivity to the way the universal and metaphysical energies work in your own experience. Believe, trust, pray, receive…we need patience as things take time and in the world of the spirit, it is not always in our time that we are rewarded our requests. Whether love, finances, health, luck, legal problems, family issues, and other challenges, there is usually a solution. Begin with faith and prayer… 

For spiritual guidance on your journey and how to apply principles to enhance your existence, please contact Dr. Linda. 

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