Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Wicks of Wisdom are unique and work for each person differently.  The end result could be the same but some people see results immediately while others experience results after the three candles have burned. This is spiritual work and there is no time limit.  Be patient, continue to use them and you will see results.

How do i make my boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband love me more?

To enhance a relationship, Good Luck Power and Soulmate Power Love is suggested to achieve the results you may want.

I want to meet someone new for love.

To assist in attracting a new companion, friend of love interest, it is suggested you burn Good Luck Power and Soulmate Power Attract.

What if I feel jinxed, cursed or have bad luck?

Sometimes a Rebound Power is needed to add extra energy in reversing negative energy.

I'm in a foreclosure, worried about money, need a new job, pass an exam, etc.

Good Luck Power should be used first to clear the negativity before you begin attracting the positive with Money & Success Power.

Why are they so expensive?

Wicks of Wisdom are not expensive. You are purchasing formulas that have been proven to work and a ritual procedure. I have done the research and provide you with the appropriate essential oils, herbs, powders and candles to help you accomplish your goal spiritually. There are petitions which are explained to you and for an additional fee, you can have personally channel words for your best results.

How do they work?

Wicks of Wisdom work using the combination of  essential oils, herbs, powders, scent, color and words.  Think of the candle as messenger or angel; you dress it with the herbs, oils and powders.  The flame is light; God is light. You burn the petition as if you are giving God you message.  How does it all work? It’s MAGIC!  “…like a prescription for your soul.”

I don't believe in this...

Wicks of Wisdom work for skeptics. You do not need to believe. Just follow the instructions and experience the subtle results from the universe.

How do I use Wicks of Wisdom?

Wicks of Wisdom are explained in a .pdf file sent to you upon your order.  You can also download the Inspirational Messages which include information for your candles.

What are the petitions?

Dr. Linda will explain your petitions when you place your order. They are one of the most important aspects of the Wicks of Wisdom success.