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From the Bottom of My Heart…

Hi Linda,

I was reviewing a looooong list of readings with you starting in 2016……

And wanted to say THANK YOU! – from the bottom of my heart and with much love, respect and appreciation!

You have really been so kind, loving, supportive, truly on my side and incredibly helpful on many levels: not only are your words so elegant, eloquent, intelligent, rich, detailed and descriptive, but your many, many, many insights and perceptions have deepened my own and helped me grow. You have guided me through some truly difficult experiences and constantly upheld a beacon of Light that gave me strength, all the while encouraging me to have faith, trust myself, and keep taking risks and moving forward. THANK YOU for the love, compassion and support you have given and the many hours you’ve slogged through the muck with me.

I care about your well being and always pray, send love and positive energy for your own restoration and healing. You give so much to others and deserve blessings that keep your heart and soul nourished.

I miss you and look forward to our next connection!

Thank you again 💗

Laurie Agee

– Laurie Agee, Psychologist

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