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God bless you for helping us Linda!

My husband and I were having problems with our living situation and financial problems for a while and started getting worse. So I decided to tell my husband about Linda Salvin and her magic candles that I knew for a while. I told him few years ago Linda helped me find out where my missing Yorkshire terrier was also helped me with my past relationship (glad I didn’t marry my ex). Then I told him about the candles. He was very skeptical about it and wasn’t sure if it was really going to work. Few days later my husband said to just order the Good Luck and Money Power candles and we will give it a try.

Once we got our first package, we got excited. After few weeks we notice our luck started changing for the better. We started getting new customers, making more money, I got a new job, we got a bigger place in a better area with a pool, finally can afford a babysitter that I trust while my husband and I go on a date night, and got a brand new 2016 car! Recently my husband asked me to order more of these wonderful magical candles. God bless you for helping us Linda!  

-Love and Light – Ardelle and Sam

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