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Spirituality is the universal knowing of energy, being in sync with the flow of events, getting in touch with nature, the galaxy, a friend or family member.  Most of us are so busy studying, working or creating something we forget there is a purpose to be met and a love to achieve within ourselves and to leave our mark on the hearts of others.

What is this driving force within us? How do we ‘become spiritual’ if we do not understand the concept? The phrase or action has become one of the trendiest words and concepts of modern times.  To become spiritual…


I remember being told as a child I’d be punished by God “if…”  Years later, I found the opposite to be true. The more I depended on an outside source I came to believe as God, the more independent I became as a person.  I opened up spiritually following a Boeing 737 airplane crash on February 17, 1981.  What most people do not understand is that religion, which is manmade is not the same as spirituality which is within ourselves and the connection to the universe without a set of rules.


While studying science and becoming an epidemiologist in the 70s, I really had no concept of a God other than when I’d yell out of despair or remember praying to stay out of trouble.  After my first of three near death experiences, I began to ‘see’ there is something out there that guides, leads, directs us.  I began to see life as a big chess board and something is moving us around to place us in positions where we need to learn a lesson or embrace passionately.  As we grow, we learn when to stay in a situation or when it time to close the door for a new venture, a new chapter.


For years, as I fought the PTSD of the accident and opened my mind to the possibilities of a God, I would slowly test my insight, intuition, evolving psychic self and discovered the coincidences that were unique to me at a time of confusion   The more I allowed the day to unfold as it was meant to, the more spiritual I felt, connected to the world, in the flow of people and events around me.


I remember sitting in my then therapist’s office a few months after the plane crash and I said, “I think God put me on that plane.”  The therapist learned forward and asked, “God?! What does God have to do with it?” I felt attacked, misunderstood and embarrassed.  But I knew there is/was something bigger than just being a passenger on a plane.   I could not put into words what I had seen and felt as a result of an out of body experience, hearing voices that were not of my own.  I was beginning to say things to people of potential events in their lives.  Events would occur and my psychic/spiritual self was coming out of a cocoon and emerge as a butterfly.


I started to chase the feeling, the opportunities, the try to explain to family and friends but no one in the early 1980s understood my words. I was on a journey by myself.  Now, 40 years later, I’ve integrated the fragments of those days into a complete whole and purposeful life and career.


People call me and say they want to become spiritual. They ask how to find God. I explain God is always there and he never leaves. We are the ones who move from him.  A simple acknowledgment in the morning for a new day and a good night, thank you in the evening once the head hits the pillow is a great start.


I am not one to sit in a lotus position and meditate for 20 minutes. There are times I will humble and kneel on my knees at the side of my bed, put my hands in prayer position and talk to whatever God there may be.  Talking to God is prayer, listening is meditation. We all have an inner voice; the magic comes when we listen and follow it…most of the time.  When I do, I am usually calmer, clearer and more focused for the day.  I become aware of miracles around me.  I have ignored it many times only to find a darker lifestyle, unfulfilled dreams or hurt relationships.


Let go, Let God is a very old slogan but makes total sense. It is the surrender to what is and will be vs. our control of the outcome of a person, place or thing. There is another great saying that God’s rejection is God’s protection.  If it does not occur, no matter how much we may want something, it is not God’s will…ours, yes, not God’s. When I learned to “Let Go, Let God” door opened in ways I never dreamed.  I teach people to see outside themselves for God’s actions and messages.


People who know me know I read the following Sanskrit poem on my radio show for 18 years.  It is the simplest way I help people understand that God can be as simple as a butterfly:  God, Are You Real?

The child whispered, “God, speak to me” and a meadowlark sang but the child did not hear.

So the child yelled, “God, speak to me!” and the thunder rolled across the sky but the child did

not listen.

The child looked around and said, “God let me see you” and a star shone brightly but the child

did not notice.

And the child shouted, “God, show me a miracle!” and a life was born but the child did not know.

So the child cried out in despair, “Touch me God and let me know you are here!”  Whereupon

God reached down and touched the child, but the child brushed the butterfly away and walked

Away unknowingly.   —- Anonymous


I suggest people watch for butterflies and let them guide them on their journey.   For example, I may be driving somewhere and questioning something in my mind.  Suddenly, I’ll spot a butterfly.  I take it a wink from God, an acknowledgment for my thought.


Once we learn how to apply simple principles to everyday events, whether good or bad, we see there is a bigger hand in all of this. It is not you or me, it is God.  There is a God.  You do not have to believe.  You can feel and see if you just stop arguing the truth of his existence and start applying simple techniques as explained above.


Dr. Linda Salvin

Metaphysical Clinician

888 509 1077


twitter:  psychicdrlinda

FB:  Linda Salvin

IG: drlindaphd



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