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Good Luck & Health Healed My Addiction

My journey with Linda’s health candles have been amazing. During the summer of 2021 I relapsed into my addiction to cannabis. I finally decided I needed something to help me quit and let go of the addictive tendencies, so I ordered Good Luck Power and Health & Wellness Power sets. The journey wasn’t easy but soon after the process of using them I was able to finally quit my habitual use of the substance. I tried the occasional use and it was fine but something sparked in my mind and I have no desire to use the substance again. Linda’s candles work and you just have to trust in God as these are candles from God. I have used the health candles for many other things including a rash, I didn’t even see a doctor and the rash disappeared. I truly know these candles can transform people’s lives.
Jeremiah K, 21 NYC


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