Good Luck, Health, Path Power Candles and Healing Sessions

I was introduced to Dr. Linda by my Chiropractor. I had been seeing my Chiropractor for headaches & allergy elimination.
My allergies were improving but my headaches persisted. My motivation, sleep, stress and health was at a stand still. I contacted Dr. Linda to
see what she suggested I do. I have been using the candles to improve my motivation, insomnia, and health. The Path Power candles have helped me to get back to being motivated. The Health & Wellness has improved my headaches & I am sleeping much better now.

I also have had a few Healing Sessions with Dr. Linda which I enjoy so much. I feel very hopeful in my life now. For years Medical doctors gave me pain medication which was worthless.

I am going to keep using the candles as this has been the best treatment for my health. I was getting pretty hopeless and feel very blessed that I was introduced to Dr. Linda.

Thank you, Dr. Linda
Terri Staub/Lake Tahoe, CA

– Terri Staub

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