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Guiding Light

Linda has been my rock for a very long time.  During a very hard time in 2017.  Linda advised that I will be safe and not in trouble. She stayed with me during this time on the phone and on text.  Another profound time, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, I had an amazing opportunity to buy my first place.  I called Dr. Linda and she said, “You will get it; on August 3 2020, I closed on my property.  During that time I was so scared that my T.A. position would not renew;  Linda told me to calm down and in June of that year I got renewed.

I know that Linda is a God’s GIFT to HUMANITY.
I am forever indebted to Linda.

Linda thank you so so so much for being the Guiding Light to me and many others.

Love ,


– Karina Delaney

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