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A Holistic Approach to Happiness & Fulfillment

A woman's smile image for Linda C. Salvin's post on happiness

Happiness comes from within ourselves. A holistic approach will show you how it does not come from another person, job, parent, car, or meal. We seek pleasure from the outside, but we need to work on ourselves through prayer, acceptance, meditation, and unconditional love. Once some of these virtues are accepted and put into practice, these spiritual advisor principles can lead to your feeling better. When you feel better about yourself, your negativity lessons, the doors to the light open and happiness filters through you. Be more open to life, and find yourself happier in all situations that currently disappoint or frustrate you. The spiritual journey is one you need to delve into within yourself in order to find the blessings.  

 The meaning of your life, creativity, love for others, and significant happiness can be a result of starting with acceptance of what is at the moment. Smile to yourself, appreciate your accomplishments, help another person; trust that the universe has the answers you seek. This is a holistic way to achieve your happiness. The metaphysical tools help you open more to receive the goodness to elevate your happiness level.  Jobs, money, people, relationships, activities add to our happiness and fulfillment.  We have an inside and outside influence to make us whole. 

While dealing with life, there is a level of happiness for you. Contact me for tools on how to eliminate the negatives to enrich the positive. 

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