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I am so passionate and a true believer!

“I just wanted to send you a brief note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Wicks of Wisdom™ candles. Here is my personal testimonial: When my husband and I first separated, there was bitterness and lots of anger between us. Every time we would get together, the tension between us was horrendous. The tension always escalated to a very, very negative experience. A lot of screaming and crying, needless to say it was always a very ugly experience. The experience would zap all of my energy for days on end. I knew we both still loved each other deeply. I could see it through his eyes into his soul and I’m sure he could see it in mine. I was so eager to stop this nonsense between us. I ordered Good Luck Power™ and Divine Intervention candle sets. I’m currently burning the third candle for each set. My husband and I have gotten together 3 times since I have been burning the candles. Our conversations have been extremely peaceful, calm and very respectful. The bitterness and anger has completely faded away. The Good Luck Power™ candle set has taken away all negativity and removed all lingering trust issues between us. The Divine Intervention has brought us closer. Now that communication is opening up between us, I am ordering the Unconditional Love candle set. Not only do these candles smell good, they bring a peaceful, relaxing energy right into your soul. I am so passionate and true believer that I want to find a way to be a distributor of these candles! Thank you Linda! Peace to you,

Posted By: Lori

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