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I love Good Luck & Money & Success Power

Hi Dr. Linda

When I decided to order your candles. I was dealing with a supervisor who was basically ignoring me and my ideas and a co-worker who has brought nothing but drama and problems to my job on a daily basis. She lied on me, tried to set me up and sabotaged my work. I got the Good Luck candles to help remove the negativity and negative people and the Money and Success candles to assist with me getting over the obstacles at work so I could move up and hopefully get more money to help me work on my own business idea and become self employed. After about my second set of both types of candles I received a phone call from a friend who wanted me to know that her supervisor had told her he’d been watching me and he wanted to take it upon himself to make sure I was not overlooked because he felt I was not being appreciated and utilized as I should have been with in the organization. I was shocked because I had not spoken to him about how things were for me. A week or so later my current supervisor called and informed me that he wanted to elevate my position and give me a pay increase. He stated that he wanted to make it clear that I would not have to deal directly with the negative co-worker. I was shocked again because I did not ask for anything from my supervisor. Currently right now everything is still being discussed. I will continue to order both sets of candles. I can definitely see that things are moving in a much more positive direction for me and things are just happening without me doing much or even saying much. I’m very excited and thankful to you Dr. Linda for your help.

Staci of Georgia

– Staci

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