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I’m Bored, COVID19


As a Doctor of Metaphysics with a very diagnostic yet spiritual, psychic and healing ability, I have been an integrative metaphysical clinician for over 25 years.  People call me for advice, direction, predictions, hope, faith, courage, enlightenment and love.  I do my best to guide, suggest or warn if needed.


With this current lockdown from Covid19, people everywhere are not just panicking from the mixed messages we are receiving but they don’t know how to live with themselves.  Cabin fever is growing with restlessness, substance abuse and irritable moments with family members or those who are single and lonely.


A woman in Texas called to say her husband is driving her crazy and he is bored, annoying and getting on her nerves being at home.  A successful 70 year old businessman in Florida called to ask what to expect and how to fill his time.  A mother of four children from Detroit called to ask how to talk to her children and keep them occupied.

There is obvious illness and mortality going on around the world.  Theses are challenging times emotionally, health-wise, financially, unemployment and of course the loss for many.  People do not know what to do.


Our society has become so busy-filled with our time.  Relaxation, constantly sharing space, socializing within our family is almost unheard of in the digital age. We

are restless and  fidgety society always striving to be productive, not always peaceful.


I usually have my manicurist apply gel on my fingers as polish peels faster, especially using my hands all day. With all salons closed, I went to CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.  I found everyone was out of acetone. Regular nail polish does not work on gel.  I finally found a bottle that promised to remove gel, at the Dollar Store.  After two hours, my 8 fingers and 2 thumbs were bare.  I purchased pink polish and, as I did long before I paid for manicures and pedicures. It’s been a long time since I filed and polished my own nails.  It was fun, creative and very rewarding. I thought of my deceased aunt who taught me in 1968.


I am single and live alone.  I usually have dinner out with friends.  I have returned to cooking, buying more food, stocking up and having fun. I love to cook, just not for one person. However, through this lockdown, I have found cutting fruits and vegetables a spiritual and self-fulfilling process.  Of course, I miss the socializing and meals prepared for me but I like being resourceful again during these difficult times.


As I told the woman from Texas, this is the perfect time to clean the garage with her husband, scan photos from albums or shred papers and files no longer needed.  Get rid of the boxes of financials over 7 years old.  I suggested she spend some time talking to her husband and get to know him again.  Recreate the intimacy, love and laughter that originally drew her to him and he to her.







Boredom can often be a form of self-obsession.  It is great to reflect but to worry or future-trip, does no good.  We all do it but we can learn to recognize the thoughts and change them.  I suggested she assist her husband move away from videos and the 24/7 news channels.  Plant the garden, take a walk, make love, find things to do together and revisit the love that has been on hold.  Most of all, communicate.  She called back six days later and was happier, grateful and giggly like a teenager…she had turned her frustration back to appreciation, discovery and love.



My 70-year young businessman called for ideas on how to spend his time. He has been consulting with me over three years.  I know what he has been dealing with.  He wants to remarry and, he will.  In the meantime, during our isolation for the Covid19 protection, he has unfinished projects around the house. I reminded him of his goals to expand his business at the end of the year. I suggested he start writing out his goals and objectives to prepare for once he returns to the office.   I made suggestions for communicating with family members out of town.  He can volunteer or walk the neighborhood and see people. I have to remind everyone, we are walking through a tunnel of transformation, not a death sentence.


Our lockdown opens opportunity to write, paint, craft, listen to music, play an instrument, communicate, help someone, or exercise.  Lockdown is getting us back to the source, our oneness with self.  One with our source, higher power or God.


Lockdown does not mean there is nothing to do. I suggested he go on his computer and delete all the old files he doesn’t need from 8 or more years ago.  Keep a photo or article here or there but what do we need to store?   He has the memory.  Once we started talking, he realized all the opportunities he had to preoccupy himself.  Even picking up a real book to read or sort through old ones to donate later.



I have learned through the year is to learn to live with the noise between our ears, calm down the anxiety; tame the coulda/woulda/shoulda of the past and accept the moment. The pandemic is not just about the Covid19 being contagious.  It is a time to go inward spiritually, grow emotionally.  Make new friends or close doors on those who do not make you feel good.  None of us are really alone.  The word alone is really “all one”.  Allow the spiritual connection to fill up the space within.  People, places and things, as we know with these new limitations don’t really fill us up…they distract us from ourselves.


As we all enter the depths of our souls to examine ourselves during the stay-at –home order, I suggest prayer and mediation. Prayer is talking to God while mediation is listening.  We are at home to protect each other from contamination and spreading the virus.  Not everyone can live peacefully without distraction. Not everyone has a ‘loving’ family to connect with, feel safe with or reach out to. However, we can turn this into an opportunity to find ourselves again.  I cannot guarantee perfect health, serenity or balance over night but I can suggest alternatives to boredom, restlessness and the cabin fever of isolation.




Our boredom can be a form of self-obsession.  People who are addicted or are escaping, are dinking excessively or drugging more frequently. Overeating unhealthy food is another escape.  The emotions of guilt, grief, shame, fear, failures, past loves, rights, wrongs of life may surface.  We really can learn to live within ourselves and sit quietly.  Sometimes boredom is really spirituality; harmony, contentment, nothing is ‘wrong’ in the moment.


Here in Los Angeles, alcohol is being delivered.  Escaping from the self is rampant, depression and anxiety is heightened.  Suicide, domestic violence, derailed education, shorter life spans and decreased public health services are the negative aspects of Covid19, as published by Reuters April 3, 2020.  (Reuters investigates Covid’s Other Casualties).  We have new challenges with different choices in our new lifestyle.


Lastly, my lovely client who is a mom of four children ran out of ideas to keep her children occupied.   She has their schooling, computers, videos, crayons, music and the out of doors.  We discussed how her children can spend more time discovering new passions or creativity.  Some of them are scared they will get sick. She is their comfort.  But if the children eat healthy and stay the distance like us all, they will eventually understand this is to protect them as they get through home schooling online and visiting friends in chat or zoom.  The mom learned to explain there is a major health problem in the world and she, like the schools, are doing their best to keep everyone safe from exposure.  She assures them everyone will be ok.  Personally, I feel she really called me to assure her she will be ok!


The mom was also guided to online exercise to calm her own frayed nerves.  To do something for herself and not just the four children and her husband was not something she was accustomed to.  We all have our moments when fear and exhaustion take over. Fear comes from not knowing what will come next.  I suggested she turn her fear into faith, and keep it.


I am not trying to sound like Pollyanna.  I am a spiritualist, not to be confused with religion, and very well aware there is a pandemic of Covid19 around the world.  Our fear, anxiety, boredom, financial ruin, unemployment, disability, limits of movement, travel or loss, inconvenience and so much more has turned our lives upside down.


On the flip side, skies are clearer without constant planes, smog, and noise pollution; roads are quieter without an abundance of traffic. Accidents are down. Wildlife is appearing in places we haven’t seen in years.  Sea life appears to be more lively as the planet’s vibration changes.  With all the chaos around us there is peace. It’s the eye in the hurricane.


We have to listen for the sound of love. Healing of ourselves collectively is healing the earth. This is the yin/yang for our situation. No one is immune from the changes taking place in the world as walk this journey of uncertainty.  Some may become infected with the Covid19 virus.  Many will have it and not get sick. Others may fall ill and recover and of course, sadly, the Covid19 will claim thousands of lives.  There is the other disease I hope we all catch from this and never heal from…love.  May we not forgot what we are going through once we are on the other side of this hallway.




Dr. Linda Salvin

Integrative Metaphysical Clinician


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