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Finding Purpose in Your Life Journey

A woman meditating at sunrise image for a life purpose post by Linda Salvin Ph.D

I cannot tell you how frequently I am asked about the purpose of one’s life journey. We all have one primary purpose here on earth, and that is to love…ourselves, others, nature, the planet.  When seeking the answer for your direction and career in life, trust your passion. You are here for a purpose that only you know as the emotions and drive within you speaks.  Are you mechanical? Artistic? A helper? Scientific? Everyone looks for the big pie in the sky purpose. We are here to live, love, and learn. We are here to help and love others.  Your purpose is whatever is within you that drives you, inspires you, and completes you.   

The fulfillment you seek is there once you take it a step at a time to reach goals. Whether through academics, business, behavior, or creative sources, you will discover your purpose by living your life honestly and openly.  You are intuitive, sensitive, inquisitive, and creative. You need to use your gifts to further your search.  The search will lead you to your connection.  The connection will help you embrace your purpose. Be open to the spirit, and let it guide you.  Not everyone finds their purpose; some people search for a lifetime.  Is it wealth, travel, family, work, education, fame, you crave? That is part of the goal, but is it your purpose?  

Your soul has memory from past lives, and your gifts can be a carryover from those other incarnations.  Apply yourself to intentions you feel within you and do the best you can.  Eliminate your anger, fear, and resentment the best you can to be more clear and capable of finding and living the purpose of your life journey. 

For more clarity on your individual purpose, schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda to guide you. 

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