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Linda is a beautiful soul

I was first read by Linda over 20 years ago. I have had several readings over the years and Linda has always directed me the right way. The reading 20 years ago came true in 2016. I was living in Oregon in my early 20s, going through a really rough time with my marriage, my heart had been broken my children were just babies at the time.   She told me I would be moving back to California but that I would be moving back to Oregon in my early 40s and that I would reconnect with my soulmate who was a junior high school crush.


I had totally forgotten about this until I was on my way back to Oregon 20 years later.  I reconnected with my crush and we have been married for several years.   I have truly never been so happy and didn’t know I could be despite what life throws. Linda told me I would happy and would spend my later life with my soulmate and have a fulfilling life. Lots of ups and downs in between but Linda was 100 percent spot on and has been with every reading I’ve had with her. Thank you so much Linda

– Mari

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