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Linda is a God sent psychic!

Linda’s candles have changed my life positively and tremendously! I discovered Linda and Wicks of Wisdom during the COVID-19 lockdown, I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time and then I came across the Storm Monroe show episode where he discussed the Kardashians and how they got the show. I didn’t completely believe in the spiritual world at the time but I decided to give Wicks of wisdom a try. After researching Linda and her story I was amazed and more compelled to give the candles a try.

I ordered the Good luck power candles with hopes of turning my life around just before my first semester at Pace University after I got kicked out by family for other issues . At the time I was scared to do it because of prior beliefs and I was shy during the consultation but Linda was sweet about everything and happily assisted me in writing my petition. I petitioned for all the negativity regarding my studies be removed and slowly but surely my grades were always great with little effort on my part.

Then I decided to order the health candles to help my grandmother who is suffering lupus. I currently still have the candles lit but she complains less and less about the pain and her mental clarity is being restored.

These candles work and I’d like to thank Linda so much, the candles changed my life.

– Jeremiah K

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