Linda Makuta, DDS

Dear Doctor Linda Salvin,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Strawberry Laser. Before the laser treatment, I had a very lumpy belly that I call a “mommy belly.” I had lipo as a young, 20-something, and after having 2 kids my skin was crepy and lumpy looking around my belly. I had the sausage effect.

Now, not only have the lumps smoothed out, but also the crepy skin is smooth as well. As a bonus, I can tell my body is detoxifying better from any stored toxins in my adipose tissues that are now shrunk down and gone. I’m sure I am healthier now after Strawberry Laser. The best part is there is no pain just results!

Lastly, working with Dr. Linda makes the process fun and comfortable. She is easy to talk to, making me very relaxed and comforted while going through these amazing inch loss sessions.

With gratitude,
Linda Makuta, DDS

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