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Linda Salvin Candle Reviews

Linda salvin candle reviews
staci baldwinGood Luck Candles Keep Working
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Hi Dr Linda: I have an update to my testimonial. Last week I was informed that a transfer away from the two problem people that I have been focusing on in my petition is approved and will be official within the next week. I am so excited. I will be completely removed from that toxic situation and it all happened without me even putting in for the transfer! Another manager was working on my behalf all this time and I didn’t even ask him to. This is so great! I put in another order for the good luck and money & success candles. Thanks, Stac
Karina DelaneyGood Luck Power- Guiding light
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Linda has been my rock for a very long time. During a very hard time in 2017 Linda advised that I will be safe and not in trouble. She stayed with me during this time on the phone and on text Another profound time .During the Covid 19 Pandemic I had an amazing opportunity to buy my first place , I called Dr.Linda and she said "You will get it ,on August 3 2020 I closed on my property. During that time I was so scared that my T.A position would not renew ,Linda told me to calm down and in June of that year I got renewed. I know that Linda is a God's GIFT to HUMANITY. I am forever indebted to Linda. Linda thank you so so so much for being the Guiding Light to me and many others. Love , Kora Illinois
Marie RyanHealth & Wellness Power
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I am using the Health & Wellness Candles for sometime now. Each time I am faced with a health challenge I keep the candles burning for several weeks. Then miraculously the right advisors start to appear in my life, hard to get appointments become available with ease. I was able to connect with a specialist from another part of the country quickly. Since using these candles a new course towards wellness has manifested. So I will keep these burning for a few more weeks because obstacles to healing are just melting away, Thank you Dr Linda
Zoe BReadings - Linda works fast
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I’m truly amazed my first time. Very accurate Linda has a gift. And I’m a believer my life was going no where I had it! And gave Linda a call after watching the Storm Monroe show. She change my life. Give this woman a shot. You have no idea what you will learn about your self.
SanaReadings - Linda is a true gem
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Linda help me find my life purpose in 10 minute. I have been searching for the pass 34 years to figure out what is my purpose in this world is. She zeroed in it in 10 minute she is a truly a gift from the universe. I felt like I was speaking to a trust worthy best friend she’s calm loving and truly honest, her main mission is to guide you to your true path.

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