Linda’s Spot On!

I have counseled with Linda several times over the years. I live in a small town and have a very unique property with 2 homes on 5 acres.
I’ve had the property listed for over two years- I know right! People love the setting, but most don’t want 2 homes or generational property.
I’ve had my share of crummy tenants and don’t want to lease long term, and can’t turn the property into a vacation rental because of local zoning.
Pretty much between the devil and deep blue sea.
Linda’s advice of course was spot on! She said to hold onto the property awhile longer and get mid length tenants 31 to 100 days. Later that night, a website popped up for traveling medical personal. !!!!!!!!

Refreshed and refocused, moving on!
Thank you, Dr. Linda

Cindy L., Oregon

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