Major kudos to you Linda, I still am in awe!

Back in early January I spoke with you on your radio program … I was your last call of the show. My question was what if any job opportunities are in store? You asked if I was in the healthcare field or medical field? I said no, that I have been in the IT field … you said, “yes, but that’s not what you will be doing.” You said are you sure you’re not in the medical field … you said you see “biochemical” very strongly. (the medical field is an area I have no knowledge nor experience in) you suggested I look in the medical, healthcare, hospital area. You said that I would not be doing what I have in the past. I honestly didn’t connect with what you had said and I half-heartedly looked in the healthcare field although specifically I focused on Technology positions. About a month ago, I received a phone call from a friend with a job opportunity. I interviewed and have been working for about 2 weeks. A couple of days before Day 1 of my new job it dawned on me that this new position is in the department of “Health & Safety” AND one of my main tasks is acquiring specific documentation for the material safety data for biochecmical’s purchased! AND the major percent of this department is made up of Fireman/EMT’s AND this IS a completely new industry and environment for me. Major Kudos to you Linda, I still am in awe!

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