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May you continue to grow in strength!

Hi Linda. I don’t think we have ever spoken, but we must have had friends in common. Certainly I remember your name. The main reason I wanted to write is to congratulate you on your achievements as a psychic and a healer. Who ever would have thought? I am always on the lookout for people are blessed with “the gift”. Perhaps I will be able to work with you some day. I would imagine that there are still many rabbis that would dismiss the validity of your gifts. There are some notable exceptions, especially in Los Angeles. My own path to the rabbinate was terribly convoluted, and my relationship to other rabbis remains complex. I find that most rabbis are out of step with the desires of most younger congregants, who are crying and begging for spiritual awareness, while the rabbis can only give them (mostly empty) rituals. I am fascinated by the connection between your various traumas, and your spiritual attainments, almost a kind of cosmically converged psychic surgery, and certainly a gift from God. It reminds me of the circumcision ceremony for Jewish boys-a spiritual initiation through (slight, in this case) surgical trauma. Remember that God tells Moses, at one point, “You cannot see my face and live”, implying that there is a strong connection between near death and spiritual vision. You are fortunate to be able to live this connection in your life. May you continue to grow in strength! All the Best

Posted By: Rabbi Green

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