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Meet Dr. Linda Salvin: Metaphysical Clinician, Psychic Healer

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Dr. Linda Salvin and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Dr. Linda, what inspires you?
I am inspired by helping people reach goals and succeed in their own process. I love being a guide and opening doors to opportunity or eyes to possibility. For nearly 28 years, I have been assisting others spiritually and psychically to embrace challenges and obstacles on their path.  

What should our readers know about your business?
I stumbled into my business after struggling for 12 years knowing I had become a psychic following three near-death experiences. In 1981, I survived a plane crash, 1982 I was hit by a firetruck and in 1984 I totaled a car and experienced the white light. No one discussed these phenomena back then…no one I knew anyway. It was a whole new world for me. I was frightened and intrigued. I ran for twelve years, not understanding what becoming a psychic and spiritualist was about. I was embarrassed, scared and totally out of my public health realm. The internet did not get here until 1996. I was becoming psychic and spiritual in ways I could not relate to anyone. Ultimately, I started to trust the process. and let the universal God as I had discovered, guide me. One thing led to another. I ended up starting my psychic career working for Psychic Friends Network. I would answer the phone at home and speak to people. I was put in their infomercial, staring Dionne Warwick as the host. From there, I started my ride to ‘fame’. Shortly after the infomercial, I landed a job on Los Angeles’ KBIG 104 FM station as the night time psychic in 1994. As the psychic format began to wind down, the creative director, Fred Missman, suggested I start my own show. He taught me everything I know about broadcasting. I brokered various stations from former KIEV 870 AM (now KRLA) and various networks for 18 years, ending on KLSX 97.1 FM talk , a CBS station which flipped to music in 2009. I made a tremendous name for myself. I was on radio (pre-podcasts and streaming) from 1994-2009. During that time, the phone would ring as I used the radio as my direct marketing outlet. I gave psychic readings, channeled the deceased, spoke about soul mates, spirituality, metaphysical healing and topics of the day that went far beyond sports or politics. I did, however, predict a presidential win as well as a World Series win…all documented in my archives! Using radio to market myself from Los Angeles and surrounding areas who heard the show, my audience grew as did my practice. As I expanded onto Cable, I was national in close to 400 markets. I stayed at that station for 9 years, broadcasting up to 5 nights per week due to the demand for my show and readings. People called from across the country and Canada. Eventually, the internet put me in people’s lives around the world. I built my practice, hired people to assist me and then was trained in Candle Magic in 1999. I added the candles as an upsell to assist people who wanted to achieve more than just have answers regarding finances, career, love and health. Wicks of Wisdom were born. I removed the occult from my line as I combined Santeria and Kabbalah theories to help people. In 2006, I produced a TV infomercial, hired Kris Jenner as spokesperson, pre Keeping Up With the Kardashians and made more people aware of my spiritual candle work. Due to internal problems, I pulled the infomercial in summer 2009. I would like to relaunch the candle show but need investors to help. Over the years and to this very day, I am still stunned and grateful for the testimonials I receive from people regarding my predictions, the candle’s success and spiritual guidance.
One of my biggest challenges which I still face, is dealing with skeptics. Opening up psychically and spiritually is not something everyone understands, comprehends or believes. Spirituality is not religion. It certainly has not been easy to manage my practice, take orders, ship and consult with people. I have had 3-4 employees and created the business. After years, I tamed down to just read and sell candles but a new wave is before me and I’m very busy, gratefully, At this point in my life, I am looking to sell my brand as the fork in the road is either further market to the new generation of customers or
pass it on to a visionary who can take this to the amazing level I know it can go. (If any of your readers are interested in buying Wicks of Wisdom, they can feel free to contact me about this Tiger-by-Tail!). Actually, anyone can reach out to me if they need help…

I have been bashed, bullied, cursed at, demeaned as well as praised, thanked, appreciated, stood in-awe with gratitude from 1000s of people. The ups and downs in the end are best once I know I successfully helped another human being. I was on radio over 18 years, made several TV appearances, and was featured in a few movies. With appreciation, I have been published in various books written by my clients, interviews by authors for their magazines and books as well as being featured in a documentary. This famous director heard me on the air one night and contacted me.

Due to my scientific and epidemiological background, coupled with my acute, razor-sharp psychic talent, I have an innate ability to quickly tune in to someone and determine their problems, solutions, path, needs and direction for love, money, career and health issues. As a metaphysical clinician I am more than your typical ‘psychic’ giving predictions. I am a PhD in Metaphysics, awarded in 2008. I sought to combine the science and spiritual together to improve my work. I have amazing references from a noted psychiatrist as well as a chiropractor who I work with. I have received radio broadcasting awards, am receiving an award in June for my work presented by the International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare. I was very involved with the paranormal for about 22 years and decided to cease that portion of my career in 2018. The gift is part of my nature but I find I am leaning more clinical and metaphysical in the way I assist people. I combine health, heart and healing. I draw from my science background and combine my metaphysical experiences and education to professionally integrate answers to help those who come to me. There are times I hear a voice and know immediately I cannot work with the person. More times than not, I have repeat clients who continue to seek my guidance. I have worked with people from White House to the Homeless. I have stories from all walks of life. I have worked with celebrities and every day people like you and me. Testimonials are on my website as well as Facebook. In addition to being a psychic and healer, candle magic alchemist and broadcaster, I was trained and certified in Strawberry Laser Lipo in 2018. I offer non-invasive, painless and quick inch loss to contour the body. I love watching people transform with this simple technique from England, which is FDA approved. The average inch loss is about 4 inches per month with 8 sessions. Few accomplish that in the gym.

I’m slated to be on E!News May 19th and recently (since the writing of my anwers) I’m guesting on several podcasts and youtube shows.

If anyone is interested in this service, my information is on the website with my other services. As a Metaphysical Clinician, I offer mind/body/spirit assistance on all levels. Most of the time, as you, I am sought out or referred. Just as I was once featured in Voyagela, you reached out to me again to participate here … and I thank you…again! 🙂

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
As a native of Los Angeles, I know the City like the back of my hand. I would start early in the morning and drive through the Valley, explain the suburbs and then drive over a few of the canyons, such as Laurel, Coldwater and Beverly Glen. I would head west out to Topanga Canyon and drive to Malibu. We would find a little restaurant near the water to have breakfast. I would drive up the coast, head back onto the 10 freeway to downtown LA. I would drive around and show Staples Center, the Coliseum, USC, explain the renaissance of downtown and visit The Pantry or Philippe’s, two of the oldest eateries in Los Angeles for lunch. As the day continues, I would drive through Hollywood, stop at the famous Chinese Theater where cement hand and footprints are by previous Hollywood stars. We would visit Hollywood Blvd., drive up to the Hollywood Bowl and view the seats of the famous outdoor theater. Due to time limits, I would not have time to visit the Greek Theater but instead, drive on into Beverly Hills. We would stroll down the infamous Rodeo Drive with all the designer stores. I would drive around neighborhoods and into the hills to show the various mansions and architecture that defines Beverly Hills. Continuing westbound, we would drive through Bel Air, one of the most wealthy zip codes in the country. From there, we drive through the beautiful campus of UCLA and through Westwood Village. Continuing westward again, we would drive through Brentwood, Santa Monica and park near Venice Beach. Nothing compares to the the Venice Boardwalk with everyone and thing walking around. There is the famous Muscle Beach where bodybuilders still lift weights. Once we walked the boardwalk, I would drive by the beautiful canals and homes that line the uniqueness of the area. Heading south, we would head to Marina Del Rey to see the docked yachts, housing and find an amazing seafood restaurant for dinner on the water.


Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
There are few people I would like to acknowledge regarding the career successes I have experienced. Shortly after surviving a Boeing 737 plane crash in 1981 when I became psychic, a friend suggested I see a psychic in Encino named Shirley. To this day, I have never spoken to her since but I remember the day I walked into her apartment on Burbank Blvd. across from Balboa Park. Her back was to me and she said, “you’re a walk in” and I asked what that meant. She said, “It’s when you are near death and another soul takes over.” I explained I had just been in a plane crash. She then turned to me and said, “whoever entered you is a psychic’.” I said, I’m not psychic.

In 1993, while working for Psychic Friends Network, I was invited to star in the then new TV infomercial for the 900 line. I read former Soap Opera Star, Elaine Princi. We developed a friendship afterwards and her support through my radio career and psychic advancements were meaningful in the 1990s.

Now, 40 years later, I am internationally recognized as a psychic, healer, metaphysician, talk show host and candle magic specialist. I was on radio as a psychic, starting in 1994 on KBIG 104 FM here in Los Angeles, as a result of my still-friend, and mentor, Fred Missman. He became my biggest cheerleader and voice of all my commercials for over 18 years on various stations. Another shout-out would be to the now deceased Evelyn Paglini who mentored me after I had surgery in 1996 and I awakened to becoming a psychic medium; I remember calling Evelyn to tell her I channeled someone’s deceased wife and she said I was now a medium… Also deceased, and a true inspiration for me was Missy Reynolds, former owner of a talent agency for stunt actors. She called often for psychic advice and wrote her lovely testimonials. We were friends until she passed away. She introduced me to the famous talk show host, George Noory who featured me on his tremendous radio shows on various nights. There are many others but these primary were instrumental at the beginning and as I evolved.






Youtube: Dr Linda Salvin


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