One of the most Accurate Psychics I’ve ever encountered.

LINDA SALVIN is one of the most ACCURATE PSYCHICS I have ever encountered. After meeting her at a Seder Dinner, she blithely leaned in to give me a bit of intimate information about a confidential problem within my Production Company. SHOCKED, the only other people who knew were my Attorneys. Since then, when facing difficulties in business or my personal life I always call DR. LINDA.
Always 100% Honest, not like other fakes and charlatans ( in Hollywood there are a ton) she has given me practical solutions to myself and others in the Entertainment Community and around the world. If you want FLUFF or Bullshit, she’s not for you; she always tells what you need to know rather than what you may want to hear. LINDA is SO ACCURATE, if she told me flying monkeys were gonna come out my ass I would hire Actors to play a Scarecrow, Tinman and a Lion.
I have never given an endorsement like this (look online) but I’m happy to do so for LINDA. Call her today, you’ll be glad you did.

– Doug Cosgro, Executive Producer/Writer

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