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She has never been wrong!

I have worked with psychic Linda Salvin for over ten years and she has never been wrong. Plenty of times she would tell me something and I would think she was crazy. Then, sure enough, it happened.
Here are two examples:
Linda told me my husband was having an affair with a woman who lived out of state, somewhere on the east coast, and had an unusual name beginning with the letter ‘M’. It didn’t make sense to me. My husband didn’t travel and he didn’t know anyone as far as I knew with an unusual name starting with ‘M’. A month later I discovered my (now, ex) husband had hooked up with his old college girlfriend through Facebook. She lived in New York City. Her name (which I won’t write because it really is unusual) does start with the letter ‘M’. She traveled to see my husband to have their affair.
The other example is a lawsuit I was involved in. Linda told me a year ago that the lawsuit would end in a tie but that I would be ok. I thought, how can a lawsuit end in a tie? Yet this month I discovered that, yes, the judge had found both parties equally at fault and it was a tie. I got my deposit back and got out of the lease clean but didn’t get any damages. The landlord didn’t get anything. By the wording of the judgement — it was a tie.
Linda has advised me on issues ranging from my love life to my professional life to my finances. She’s never been wrong.
Dana Parsons, Mount Clemens, MI.

– Dana Parsons, MI

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