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Simply amazing!

In 2006, I traveled to Los Angeles to visit my friend. One day, we were driving around and heard Dr. Linda Salvin on the radio station giving readings. As we were listening to her radio program, my friend and I decided to call in just for the experience. So, I pulled my car over and parked at the nearest gas station.

During my reading, Linda predicted that in the future I would be working for a large company in the computer industry. When I heard this from her, I was confused because at the time I had no interests and no intentions in the future of ever pursing a job in that area. However, five years later after my reading, I found myself working for a one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world helping to develop and manufacture computer chips with the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology.

As for my friend, during his reading, he informed Linda that he came to LA to pursue acting and that he was struggling to find a gig that would help make a name himself. Linda predicted that he would be moving out of LA and he would be changing careers. But, he would still collaborate with people in the film industry, he would start writing scripts again, and that he would find himself working on a film in an Asian country. At the time, my friend had no plans of ever leaving LA and was going to stay until he fulfilled his career goal. A few years after his reading, he and his sister moved back to Minnesota. He started writing scripts and collaborated with people in the Asian film industry. Lo and behold, he found himself in Thailand, working a film. He also starred in the film as the main actor and made a name for himself. When he returned to the states, he decided to go back to school. He is now a registered nurse.

Eleven years later, I scheduled another appointment for a reading with her (September 2017) and Dr. Linda Salvin is still simply amazing! Best readings ever!


– Steven

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