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Thank you ever so kindly!!!

I am really blown away that you knew my eye color and especially that you hit on an issue that has been plaguing me about what direction I need to go in to make me truly happy not just satisfied. I shall give it a few weeks and then call you to hear if you see anything new or if I need redirection. You also hit the nail on the head that I am having second thoughts on just how deep my feelings are for Greg. I do love him, but at this point I do not see us married and you are spot on when you said that he simply can not provide the type of life I want and enjoy. I do love working with people, I am a people type person and I like helping others and making a difference and dressing sharp and it was too cute when you said Macy’s, it is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes. Thank you ever so kindly!!!

Posted By: Constance

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