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Thank you, Linda!

You gave me a telephone reading last November. I had broken up with my fiance, and you told me he was abusive, out-of-control, and I would just end up being yet another ex-wife if I went back to him, but that there would be more back and forth before it was over. There was … and he ended up hiring a prostitute (he’s a recovering sex addict) in December, which was devastating. I have been working very hard on my spiritual growth since that time and trying to develop more inwardly so that I will be ready to meet someone at a healthier level of existence. AND … I DID get a job starting with a “C”, although its the last place I expected to end up. I am designing for “Closet World”. It has been challenging and character building. Thank you, Linda!

Posted By: Debbie H

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They do, Linda! Yesterday I took Hy home to Albany. He is supposed to be at Sloan-Kettering for 3 weeks after the bone marrow transplant.

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