Thanks for everything, you are amazing!

Earlier in the year you gave me a six-month reading. With that time frame behind me, it’s amazing to reflect on your accuracy. At the time I was single but you saw my ex in the picture and said I should wait 10 days or so if I felt it in my heart to reconnect. He and I ran into each other 12 days later and within a minute we had dinner plans and were a couple for the next 5 months. You felt he was depressed and said it was a chemical imbalance. After we reunited, it was revealed he’s bipolar. You saw no vacation for me until September or October. During the reading I thought there was no way I could go that long without a break, but due to project deadlines it wasn’t until mid October before I could take off. Just as you said, I had a great summer, was more balanced and in August my money situation changed. The only outstanding prediction is meeting a new man in the Fall and my ex in some way involved. That gives me great hope. Thanks for everything, you are amazing!

Posted By: Gail

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