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Thanks Linda for the gentle encouragement and guidance

When the phone reading began, right away, Linda said she saw a big move, a big change, for me, in August. Well, the truth is, I called her because I was extremely nervous over a new business venture that I am starting with friends, in another country. I was supposed to move to that country, in August! Only select few people knew this. I was so terrified that the business will fail, and I will look like an idiot. Please understand, I did not give Linda any hints. When she called it, over the phone, right away, I was shocked. She then went on to say that she see a cavity on the left lower side of my teeth. Well, make a long story short, I was born with a birth defect. Again, I don’t know how she saw that over the phone.

Thanks Linda for the gentle encouragement and guidance. I will approach this new venture with confidence, not fear!

Posted By: Jack

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