To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Show Notes:

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate

[5:33] Dr. Salvin’s background.

  • She is not a virologist, chemist, or MD.
  • Considered working for CDC when she graduated.

[8:00] Censorship.

[19:58] We do not have enough data on the vax yet.

[24:00] Fact-resistant humans.

[28:00] Annual vaccinations.

[32:00] Inverse correlation between masks and infections.

[35:10] Potential travel bans.

[47:24] FEMA camps.

[48:00] Articles on peer pressuring others to get vaccinated.

[49:10] Potentially harmful materials in masks.

[56:40] Will Carl get vaccinated?

  • Under 70 individuals have a survival rate of ~99%.

[1:00:14] Mandatory vaccination is illegal.

[1:03:03] vitamin D inhibits reverse transcriptase.

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