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Truth be told!

I am a multi decade client of Linda’s. She’s seen me through divorce, death, loss & unexpected sometimes devastating & scary/confusing changes, buying and selling real estate, relationship concerns of every kind (family, friends, business, romance). There’s very little I haven’t sought guidance about! The things that stand out the most about working with Linda: she always tells the truth. It is not easy hearing hard news. It’s easy to want to argue, rationalize, protest but…99% of the time, I see the truth that she saw weeks, months, years ahead of my ability to see it. Another wonderful gift in working with Linda is she helps you grow, if you are seeking that. So often, she will tell me the not so pleasant truth about someone I’ve hired, or a conflict with a business or even family/friend. She will tell me to cut my losses now! I never do. I have to see it for myself. That’s where I learn the most. Her words end up ringing in my ears and I actually do come to see the hidden h set currents much sooner because of that. As a result, I trust my senses faster and in more significant decisions than I have in the past. Learning to trust and more importantly – act on – my inner guidance has been a lifelong lesson. She holds my hand, like training wheels, while I nervously jump off the cliff and behold, I have wings and fly!

Recent examples: I was in escrow for a beautiful home but kept feeling something wasn’t right. I was having trouble with the realtors as well. She told me to pull out of both. Very hard for me to let everyone down. After we got off the phone, she checked in on me a few days later, encouraging me to trust my feelings and let go. She assured me a better house would come along, and mentioned my toxic realtor was in the way. I pulled the plug on both – it was a decision to trust my own misgivings! She helped me trust myself, identified the conflicts so accurately. Now I landed in a dream home and had to dump the toxic realtor to get there. Just as she said – but it took me another round of drama with the realtors to dump them. Also, I’ve been searching the country for a place to move and she identified the area within 10 miles of where I would move over 1.5 years ago!

One last beautiful gift she has: her words! She describes things you feel, character traits, dynamics, qualities etc with so many descriptive words! I wrote everything down. Her words make everything crystal clear!

I hope this helps you take the risk to call her. She is in your court, a wonderful guide and ally, has so much to offer. If you are willing to help yourself, she gives you wings!

– Deerheart

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